The website isn’t working, what can I do? There could be a number of reasons why the site is not working.

Missing Software (Flash)

Many areas of the JeemTV website need the Flash plug-in to play content. If you do not have Flash on your computer, we always try to tell you when you need it. If you're using a tablet or smartphone device, like an iPad or an iPhone, you won't be able to play any of the Flash games on our site. Flash is not supported on these devices. You can still play video content on these devices to catch up with your favourite programmes and characters.

Missing Software (JavaScript)

JavaScript is needed by your web browser for JeemTV games to work. It should automatically be installed with your browser so please check with a parent or guardian if you are having any JavaScript problems.

Sometimes it is our technical problem

The site may not be working if we are experiencing technical difficulties. If this is the case please wait a little while and then come back to the site later, once we have had time to fix the problem. We always try to fix problems as soon possible.


Make sure you keep your browser software updated to the latest version to have the best possible JeemTV website experience.

If your problem is not solved

If you have technical problems, please contact us via this link "Contact Us”. Please give us as much details as possible about your device, so that we would be able to solve the issue soon.