Jungle Bunch To the Rescue

"In the heart of the jungle lives a team of amazing animals. First there is Maurice. He is a “tiger-penguin” and the fearless and charismatic leader who rules the territory. He is always accompanied by his adopted son, Junior, the tiger-fish. Then there is Miguel, the kind gorilla who likes to hit things (and people), and Gilbert, the paranoid tarsier who spends his life clinging to a tree branch. Then comes Batricia, the blundering bat, and Fred, the warthog crooner, who is often singing his songs in the neighborhood. And finally there is Al and Bob: the two inseparable toads, who take care of Fred… when they’re not arguing. The Jungle Bunch is complete! The team embodies justice in a world in which other animals are subjected to threats, dangers, or insurmountable problems. Almost every day someone calls for the Jungle Bunch… to the rescue!"