Why is the website looking different?

Welcome to the new JeemTV website! We have lots of fantastic new things coming along to make this the best kids’ site around. The new site will be much easier, exciting and fun. It will look very different. There’ll be new parts to explore, including new shows and some fantastic new games which we know you’ll love. We’ll also be adapting our site in ways that ensure better interaction. We will be removing some functionalities for improvements at the time being before you will find many of them again in the next 6 months.

Please keep tuned and watch closely all the exciting things coming…

Will you continue to have episodes of earlier shows?

We’ll be adding more and more favourite shows to the website as we go, in a way to replace some old content with a fresher one. As you already know, online capacity has its limitations, and we had prioritized our latest and exciting content to keep you up to date with the development going on our website and provide you with the newest programs that where specially selected to answer your needs. Furthermore, we’ll be giving you lots of new shows and characters and engaging games in the coming 6 months.

Keep track of the changes coming which we are sure you will admire…

Are you going to still have competitions. What sort of competitions. When can I be a part of the competitions

Yes, so keep tuned in and you’ll see all the competitions we have in store!

Where has JCC gone?

We’re not replacing JCC we’ve just been improving it, bringing the newest look and feel, to answer the needs of its loyal and prospective audience.

You will be noticing that the child is our focal point and the most essential part of the brand which has evolved in line with your feedbacks and influence since the day we went on air.

Stay with us and monitor these changes that will gradually be available to your satisfaction…