Be a reporter

Share your talent!

Be a reporter for JeemTV

and share your experience with us

Wherever you are!

When you are visiting any place in the world, just shoot your visit and say a comment on the video

Send us the video to share the moment with us and be a ”JeemTV Reporter

How to enter

Just follow these steps:

1-Choose any famous site or special event that you would like to cover.

2-Start the video by introducing yourself:



3-Send the video as mentioned below:

• The video must be recorded in the landscape mode for 2 minutes . It must be recorded in a quiet place with clear sound and image.

• Accepted files are mov, avi, mp4, mpeg, m4v, 3gp, 3g2. Any other files will not be accepted.

• The size of the file must not exceed MB 200

• When you upload the file, wait for few minutes until you make sure that the file has been completely uploaded.

Terms and conditions

• Only JeemTV club members are allowed to participate.

• You may enter the contest only upon fulfilling the contest conditions and your parents’ approval.

Please read the points below before applying to the contest:

1-The contest is open to children of all ages.

2-The subject of the video must be clear.

3-The video must be recorded in landscape mode.

4-The video must be recorded with high quality sound and image.

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