Take a picture with Sahm!

Do you wish to win a free trip to Doha to attend the final Jeem Cup match?

Well here is your chance! Take a picture of our friend Sahm who is making a tour in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.

If you live in one of the countries Sahm will be visiting, make sure to follow his tour’s schedule and join him wherever he is.

To participate in this competition, take a picture with Sahm and ask one of your parents/guardians to share it through Twitter or Instagram, on #sahamjeemcup or سهمكأسج#.

From every country Sahm will be visiting, one winner will be selected from this competition.

Competition rules:

  • All the entries using hashtag #sahamjeemcup or سهمكأسج on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, along with the name of the country and/or the mall where the picture has been taken, will only be considered.

  • Any photo in which Saham isn’t showing, or isn’t linked with the official channel’s hashtag, is inappropriate, or is uploaded after the competition’s closure date, will be excluded from the competition.

  • The winner, along with one of his/her guardians, will get a free trip to Doha, where they will stay for two days, to attend the final Jeem Cup match.

  • The winner will be contacted via his/her account through which he/she participated in the competition on the official JeemTV Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account.

Sahm’s visit Schedule:

Saudi Arabia:

Jeddah- Red Sea Mall - From 07 to 11 January, 2016


Al Jeeza - Mall of Arabia - From 10 to 15 January, 2016


Dubai- Festival City - From 3 to 12 February, 2016

Don’t miss the chance! Who knows? You might be one of the lucky winners.