Oman matches

Get ready for Jeem Cup matches!

The first matches will start in Oman on Wednesday and Thursday, 5 and 6 November 2014, starting 8 am Oman time at Al-Seeb stadium A and B.

The schools that will be participating in those matches include Saif Bin Hubeira, Al Khayrat, Al Sultan Taymoor Bin Faisal, Abd Bin Al Jilandi, Al Bashir Bin Al Monzer, Ammar Bin Yasser, and Al Sultan Said Bin Taymoor, Al Harith Bin Khalid.

On Friday, 7 November, the final match will be done, which will determine the winning school from Oman that will be qualified for Jeem Cup tournament in the second round.

Stay tuned to all the upcoming matches in Oman and all the other Arab countries participating in Jeem Cup!