Interview with Aya Al Amrawi

Aya Al Amrawi, the Moroccan 10-years old girl, who broke the record in the Football Bouncing competition, and was hosted in Doha-Qatar to attend the final Jeem Cup match, shared with us some details about her personal life in the following interview:

1- When did you start practicing the football game? And what motivated you to excel in it?

I have been playing football since I was five (5) years old. My passion developed for this sport as my father taught me how to kick and bounce the ball.

2- Did you join any football team?

Yes, I joined the football team in “Al Yasmeen” club in “Taza” where I live.

3- Did you get any medals or awards?

Yes, I got various medals and awards from “Al Yasmeen” club where I am an active member.

4- How do you balance between your school studies and football hobby?

As I don’t wish that my school performance gets affected by my football passion, especially that I am an excellent student, I always make a calendar to properly manage my time between studying my lessons and playing football which I practice only after 9 pm everyday.

5- From who did you get your passion for football?

As mentioned earlier, my father is mainly the one who developed this passion for me. However, my mum always motivates me to play football as well. I have grown up in a sportive atmosphere. For example, my sister Hend is a great football player who also participated in JeemTV Football Bouncing competition, and my other sister Fatima Al Zahraa won the black belt in Karate.

6- Football is usually associated with boys rather than girls. So, why did you choose to play this sport?

It’s because I love the challenge and wish to excel in something that makes me special. I used to watch the competition videos shared by other contestants on JeemTV website to monitor my performance and shoot longer videos to increase my chances of winning.

7- What do you think about JeemTV? And what is your favorite program?

JeemTV is my favorite channel and I love Anbar show. Moreover, my favorite presenters are Marwa, Gihan and Ashraf.

8- What do you think about JeemTV campaigns? And which one did you like the most?

JeemTV campaigns are amazing as they are both entertaining and educational. I loved Jeem Cup campaign and the science campaign.

After Aya’s interview, we had a side discussion with Aya’s father, Mr. Abdel Fattah, who said that he couldn’t find the right words to express his outmost gratitude and appreciation to Qatar, and he thanked Mr. Saad Al Hudaifi for the great initiative of Jeem Cup that brought Arab kids together from all over the world and made them happy.

Look at Aya’s pictures here.