Club JeemTV house rules

Club JeemTV is your space to explore and join in with JeemTV content.

To ensure Club JeemTV is a safe and positive experience we have created a set of “house rules” to help everyone get along together.

Remember to ask your parents / guardians before you register for and talk to them about anything you are unsure about on JeemTV.

JeemTV is a channel for children aged between 7 and 12 years old, but anyone is welcome to enjoy our content.


  • You can register for Club JeemTV if you’re 17 years old or under.
  • Keep your password safe and don’t share it.


We want you to have fun thinking up a unique username that represents you to the others in Club JeemTV. So here are some tips to help you create a good username:

  • Your username can be up to 16 characters long.
  • You can tell people your first name, age and whether you’re a boy or a girl.
  • Try experimenting using a mixture of letters, numbers and spaces.
  • Your username can be either Arabic or English.

There are also few things you can’t include in your username, and that’s to make sure we keep you safe as well as keeping the site fun. They are:

  • No personal details such as family name, email addresses, websites, phone numbers, private addresses or school name.
  • Don’t use the names of any brands or products.
  • Don’t use all capital letters. Writing in capitals looks like you are shouting and it is also more difficult to read.
  • No rude or bad words.
  • Please don’t pretend to be anyone else (and that includes celebrities!)

We review all usernames to make sure they’re suitable.


All of your comments are checked, before they are published, to make sure they’re suitable for the website. Here are some tips to help you write good comments:

  • You can make three comments without a Club JeemTV username, after that you’ll need to register. Find out more about registering.
  • Be polite. You’re more likely to see your comment published and shared with other Club JeemTV members if you’re nice to each other.
  • Other children are going to read your comments, so don’t include content that may be upsetting for them.
  • Write your comments in the Arabic language. If you do not know how to type in Arabic ask your parents or an adult to help you.
  • Use letters for letters and numbers for numbers. Do not use numbers to create Arabic words.
  • Have fun when writing your comments but make sure to stay on the subject.


  • Write all of your comment in capital letters.
  • Share your personal details (such as phone number, full name, address etc).
  • Post links to other websites.
  • Use inappropriate language or inappropriate content.
  • Make fun of anyone, be mean or offensive.
  • Disrespect religion, races, nationalities etc.
  • Violate the privacy of others by posting content you know is private.
  • Promote commercial services or products.