Whipped vanilla ice-cream


 15 minutes 
to prepare



What you'll need


  • 2 cups of heavy cream
  • 1 cup of whole milk
  • 2/3 cup of white sugar
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1 vanilla bean (This makes the ice cream super delicious) Enough ice to fill 1 large mixing bowl


  • large bowls
  • cling wrap
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  • To make the ice-cream, you will need a large mixing bowl, a medium mixing bowl, and a whisk. Fill the large bowl with ice and put the smaller bowl on top, which will create a creamy smooth texture,similar to the one created by an ice-cream machine.
  • In the smaller bowl, put the cream, milk, vanilla extract, and vanilla bean. Blend all the ingredients with a whisk. Cover the mixture with a transparent cling wrap, and put it in the freezer for an hour or until it gets firm. Now, the ice-cream is ready, and you can top it with any of your favorite toppings. Chef Elias recommends chocolate sauce, nuts and fresh fruit.
  • For an extra special dessert, you can add delicious cinnamon bread to the ice-cream.

To make a scrumptious cinnamon bread, you will need:

  • 1 bread slice (crusts should be removed)
  • 1 tsp of Butter
  • ¼ tsp of cinnamon powder
  • 3 tsp of milk
  • Cut the crusts off the bread slice, or cut the bread slice into a circle with a cookie cutter. Put the milk and cinnamon into a shallow bowl and add the bread. Turn the bread slice on the other side and leave it soaked until the butter melts in the frying pan. Once the butter gets hot, carefully add the soaked bread until it gets brown in colour. Turn the bread on both sides, and then add the homemade ice-cream on the top. You can add any of your favorite toppings,such as crushed nuts and/or chopped fresh fruit.