Wojouh Al Riyadah - Episode 3

"Main Guest: the international player Imad Al Hosni, Omani team player known from his acrobatic goals. This segment was followed by a special report shot in Oman portraying his training life. Also through this report, Imad's father and his friends spoke about the player's successful life. In this exclusive report, we also saw how Imad exercises and conveys his daily routine, and how he is preparing himself and to participate in the Asian Cup. Technology Segment: Through this segment, a special report was aired speaking about the most famous game in technology, the Fifa game. This report represented this technology's enhancements within the years (Fifa 15). To fulfill the episode with more information regarding the Fifa 15 game, we welcomes the computer programmer Mohammed Abdulrahman who spoke about the importance of such games and how they relate to our life. Economy Segment: Through this segment we spoke about the importance of football games and how it is now involved in stock exchange markets. From Italy, Dr Mohammed AlQorewati was interviewed through a satellite uplink. Dr AlQorewati spoke about this subject in more details. Health Segment: The sports trainer Mohammed Nacer AlAtrous spoke about the importance of relaxation and comfort among athletes. During this interview, Mr Mohammed also spoke about the significance of exercising and warming up especially before games. Sports Ethics Segment: This segment covered the subject of sports values and principals within cooperating among bigger groups/ players in relation to football "

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