Wojouh Al Riyadah - Episode 2

Main guest: The Captain Ahmed Fathi, who is a former Egyptian player but recently joined Um Salal's Qatari football club. For the first report, we portrayed the brief life of Ahmed Fathi and his history within his sports career. This report also showed various interviews with some special people in Ahmed's life like his father, brother and his first coach. Technology Segment: This segment showed a report that portrayed the technology usage within football like the athletic speed camera along with other devices that tell how fit the athlete is in terms of jumping etc... Economical Segment: This segment covered the economical side of the World Cup and its effect on the participated countries. Through an uplinked interview with Abdulla Abu Melhim, we discussed this topic. Health Segment: We welcomed Dr. Mohammed AlDosari in this segment and we discussed the effect of growth amongst children within different age groups. Ethics Segment: In this segment, the topic of sportsmanship was discussed and how it os very important in our everyday life and routine. This was shown through a report that portrayed the needed spirit in football among our young players participating in Jeem Cup

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