Wojouh Al Riyadah - Episode 1

Main guest: The former Saudi player and sports analyst: Mohammed Abduljawad Report about the main guest The report includes an overview of his career as a player in the Saudi team athlete and as an analyst and also interviews with some of his friends Technology Segment: Mohamed Laroussi We welcomes Mohamed to this segment, Laroussi is a national referee. We discussed the importance and the role of football to technology Economy Segment: Ashraf Obeid We communicated via a satellite with sports journalist Ashraf Obeid and held a discussion about the relationship and the connection between sport and economy Health Segment: Dr. Karim Khaladi We welcomes Dr Khaladi, a sports psychologist, who spoke about Sports and the psychological impacts on practitioners Ethical/moral segment: In this segment, we showed a report from the anti-doping center, the first of its kind in the Middle East. We talked about the importance of personal commitment to the player in relation to cheating and doping "

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