THIS IS ISLAM - Episode 2

A 30-episode animation series, which depicts in every episode, a story of the real-life stories of the first century of Islam.
The stories are all exciting and thrilling, each episode is independent from the other and reflects a new lesson which introduces the viewers to the true ethics of Islam. The stories emphasizes the greatness of Islam and ethics among which virtues and morals:

Honesty a Trust a Justice a Chivalry a Equality - Fulfill the covenants - Reform among people
Modesty a Generosity - Ability to Pardon - Always give the righteous testimony -The victory of the oppressed - Good dialogue a Be Positive - The virtue of charity - Self-altruism - Charity to neighbor - The kindness on the orphan - Honoring parents - The recognition of the right and apology..etc.. More morals will be as well presented throughout the 30 episodes animation. .
Each episode is presented in a dramatic and exciting story that focuses on the message of the emphasized moral in an appealing and edutainment. .

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