Sissi is in Vienna for the grand ball with Nut, Louise and Nene. Here at last she finds her beloved horse Flick and accidentally knows Franz ... itas love at first sights between the two, but they know they need to resist, because Franz already asked the hand of Nene ... By other side Nut meets and falls in love with Lulu, the beautiful female squirrel of Ilary, daughter of the lady-in-waiting of the empress mother: the mysterious baroness von Tollet. In the evening, at the ball, the noble guests, came from all over Europe, are expecting that Franz invites Nene to dance, the eyes of the emperor are for the beautiful Sissi only ... And, on the first few notes of the waltz, the boy advances decisive not toward his fiancee, but toward his mother Sofia ... After the dance, Sissi takes refuge in the stable and confesses to Flick, Lulu and Nut to feel guilty for the behavior of Franz. Even the emperor feels guilty with Nene for putting her in embarrassment. He decides to apology and say he fallen in love with another ... Who doesnat want to accept any apology is Sofia, the empress mother, who pours out with the baroness von Tollet: his son, the emperor, always loyal to his country and to the duty, this time followed the heart! Sissi, a girl who goes on horseback like a man, to her eyes, a wild girl who doesnat know any foreign language and has no idea about the etiquette is not suitable to become Empress of Austria! Sofia reveals to the baroness her intentions: to prevent Franz to marry Sissi, at any cost! The Baroness nods, then opens the window and begins to throw dry bread to the menacing ravens ...

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