#1 South Africa

Young Jules Verne is a law student at Sorbonne University, but he really longs to travel and become a travel writer. He manages to thwart an attempted robbery at the offices of Contes De Voyages travel magazine and is welcomed to join the magazine on an expedition in Africa. The travel group -comprised of Artemius Lucas (director of the magazine), his daughter Amelie, Jules (the same age as Amelie), De LaEnnuì (the bookkeeper), Esther (the nanny) and their dog Hatteras- sets out with the intention of measuring the twenty-forth meridian. Yet it seems someone wants to foil their plans. Two Russians, Streux and Zorn, pretend to be scientists in order to be included on the expedition, but they are really on a mission for the mysterious Captain Nemo, who wants to undermine the groupas plans.

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