#3 Rihla Siyahiya

Shams and Rami go on a tour. Shams holds the microphone and gives information about the tourist attractions while Rami gives juice to tourists and elderly people, one of them is a short-sighted old woman who has a dog. The dog barks at Rami while he is distributing juice, so he gets frightened and throws the tray but he manages to catch it in a professional way. A car arrives and a group of tourists gets off the car. Rami takes the dog and puts it in the car, which then moves away. Shams and Rami try to catch the car but in vain. The dog attacks the driver causing the car to move in a hilarious way. Then the dog gets lost. Shams and Rami decides to go ahead and look for the dog, and it takes them ten years! Finally, we see Shams and Rami in a cave. A helicopter, the police, the ambulance, and the old woman come to take the dog away! Shams and Rami chase them.

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