#2 The Cake Competition

"For the All Saints festival in the town of Vinci an important cake competition is held, and Laura is determined to win using an exotic ingredient: the pineapple. The pineapples however, because of the long boat journey, are ruined: what to do? As always, Witch Plinia is called upon to intervene, using the Magic of Appearance she helps Laura to create a seemingly wonderful cake. Meanwhile, we see Leonardo, Lorenzo and Gioconda heading back to Vinci with some pumpkins which their farmer friend gave them: it is the perfect season and they are delicious. They decide to use the pumpkins to prepare a cake to enter in competition. The day of the contest arrives. The Grand Duke tastes Giocondaas cake and savours its delicate taste. Lauraas cake looks magnificent, decorated with slices of pineapple and displayed upon an elegant cake stand. However, rather predictably, the cake tastes absolutely awful! Victory is awarded to our heroes. The adventure comes to a close with a reflection on how delicious local and seasonal produce is."

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