#1 The Cake Machine

"The ingenious Leonardo builds a machine to make healing compresses. His friend Lorenzo seizes the contraption and atransformsa it into a machine which mixes and cooks desserts and holes himself up in the tree house, stuffing himself with his sweet creations. The next day Leonardo and Gioconda find Lorenzo still busy eating. Gioconda comments that heas turning into a asedentary cake devourera and a after having tried a slice a she is stunned by how much sugar it contains. To distract him, Leo and Gioconda drag Lorenzo into the village where they meet a man selling traditional biscuits, who tells them aa|the palate needs to be taught to taste different flavours without them being covered by too much sugar or fata|a. The friends help Lorenzo to start a healthy diet and exercise regime, the episode comes to an end with the moral that it is important to recognise different tastes in order to appreciate them, favouring a variety of ingredients."

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