Jeem Cup App

Are you a soccer fan? Would you like to follow Jeem Cup matches wherever you are?

Well, here is your chance! Download the new Jeem Cup app on your mobile and/or tablet device, using iOS for Apple Store and/or Android for Google Play.

This app enables you to follow Jeem Cup matches, get real-time notifications, stay tuned with our programs, participate in online competitions, watch various videos and pictures, share your opinions through votes and polls, and much more. The features of this app include the following:

  • Watching the latest episodes related to Jeem Cup programs

  • Viewing the latest photo galleries for Jeem Cup

  • Answering poll questions about Jeem Cup matches

  • Participating in Jeem Cup competitions related to football bouncing and commenting by recording live videos directly from the app

  • Viewing highlights from previous Jeem Cup season

  • Finding out about the qualified teams and groupings of the new season

  • Checking the matches' results for the qualified teams